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Interior Decoration Ideas Inspired by the Cities

Each city has a specific aura and soul therefore when we think of a city, a certain color palette or iconic symbols will come to our minds out of blue. Our favorite ones can change in time depending on our mood or manner of life. That makes them more rememberable and unique as well. 
With all of these beauties and legendary icons, the cities actually are one of the biggest inspiration sources that we can benefit from while designing our homes. So, in this blog, we would like to mention some decoration ideas inspired by the cities. Hope you like it!
Having an architectural diversity and magic history, London has a unique atmosphere. The overlook of the city seems to be a mix of grey and red colors. The grey color is from its gloomy weather and the red color is from its most iconic symbol “Telephone Box” which attracts people the most. Using this color palette for your interior will give the London vibe to your decoration style.
 Also, we all know that people in London drink coffee all time when they get off work or want to hang out with friends. To reflect Londoner’s coffee-drinking culture, you can go for a coffee-themed wall décor like our great Coffee design.
Summer and surfing activities are the first things when you say Sydney which is one of the most must-see places in the world. As Sydney harbor and its beaches are the remarkable icons of this city, you can bring the odor of ocean vibe or use the hues of blue color in small pieces for your Sydney-inspired interior style. 
Furthermore, if you want to bring the Sydney vibe to your home, you can use beachy accents/decors and our design Summer Vibes is just the cut out for this. Lastly, when you complete your interior style with some tropical plants, you will reach a total warm Sydney look!
New York
With its great hustle and cross-culture nature, New York is one of the most iconic cities in the world. Also, we can say that it is one of the centers of fashion, so you can get very fashionable photos in both the streets and in the restaurants. Choosing urban exposed accents to decorate your space with the New York vibe will fit well. 
One of our new designs Manhattan Bridge Shelf would serve this purpose. You can also use the yellow color of the iconic New York taxis with some greenery to bring the Central Park which is the real breath for this metropolitan city.
Mexico City
The place of red and yellow colors, delicious foods, and friendliest people… Mexico City is the last city we will mention in this blog. The city is so mixed that it can give so many ideas with its boho-chic style homes and authentic patterns all around the city.
No doubt, the biggest treasure of Mexico is the great female artist Frida Kahlo, so we can see her traces in Mexico City too. If you go for a Mexico City-themed decoration style, you should use some Frida accents and our Frida metal wall art is among the options that you could choose.