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City Views Of The World On Hoagard Designs


Everyone knows that historical structures such as bridges connect human beings and create a new, whole composition. They connect not only the roads or cities but also the culture and people, ultimately. It is impossible to imagine the importance of a building that gathers up people from very different areas and traditions. As a brand, we are aiming to be a bridge between our designs and our customers all around the world.
Based upon this thought, we have designed brand-new Bridge Metal Shelves and to be continued. They are inspired by the unique bridges in legendary cities all around the world. Besides, the city skylines from the most fascinating cities like Budapest have been launched lately! There are amazing histories behind these cities, we would like to tell us about them in this blog.
Warsaw dates back to the 12th century but in many respects resembles a much newer city. Sometimes called the ‘Phoenix City’, Warsaw has repeatedly rebuilt itself, particularly after World War Two, and most recently following the fall of Communism in Poland in 1989. The city’s landmarks reflect both the country’s struggles and celebrate its achievements.
Across the Vistula river, Warsaw Bridge was built in 1914 and rebuilt after World War I in 1946. Poniatowski Bridge is one of Warsaw's oldest crossings across the Vistula. Along with the fascinating city’s past, our vision and mission to reflect the history of our designs have surpassed while creating Warsaw Metal Shelf.
Loftesnes Bridge across the Loftesnessunde Strait connecting Sognefjord with the small Appendix Barsnesfjorden built-in 1958, replacing the small cable ferry that existed here since 1938. And the name of the bridge was named after the boatman Jan Loftesnes, who for almost 60 years transported people, cargo, and livestock from the shore to the shore. His two daughters, Josephine and Sophie, helped their father from an early age by ferrying people on their own in a small boat.
Maybe we can thank these good people enough but can carry their self-sacrifices to the modern days with greatly-designed wall art, Loftesnessbrui Metal Bridge Shelf. Believing the integrity in every aspect of life, you can also adopt the Norwegian interior style for your home and catch the full of Scandinavian look!
Budapest’s blend of old and modern makes the city an architectural delight. A look at Budapest’s downtown reveals that all buildings stand at about the same height. All except for two: Szent Istvan Basilica and the Hungarian Parliament. The design of the Parliament building is not accidental either: each part carries important political and historical messages. The prominent cupola in the middle refers to the unity of the legislature on the one hand and was also the site of the joint sittings of the lower house and the upper house.
Inspiring from this meaningful design, we have designed Budapest Metal Shelf that you can easily decorate with your fav elements in your home decoration. Also, it can be a very stylish bookshelf as well as its legendary city look.